Breast milk bag—a way of storing your breast milk

Your breast milk is super important to your baby. Anyone who tells you that there is no point crying over spilled milk has never spilled their own. It’ s important to store your breast milk in the best breast milk storage bags so that they are safe for your baby and easy for you to use.After a vigorous pumping session, it can be devastating to see any of your breast milk spill out over the floor. This is doubly frustrating if the culprit was a leaky container.
A good breast milk storage container is just the thing to avoid such disasters and will make your life a whole lot easier. If you plan on pumping breast milk, milk storage bags will be one of the most important breastfeeding supplies you will need.

According to the CDC, breast milk can be stored at these temperatures and lengths.


Room temperature – 6-8 hours

Insulated cooler bag – Up to 24 hours

Refrigerator – Up to 5 days

Freezer compartment of a refrigerator – Up to 2 weeks

Freezer compartment of refrigerator with separate doors – 3-6 months

Freezer chest or upright deep freezer – 6-12 months

So refrigerating and freezing breast milk in containers just makes sense. But you can’t just use any old container to store your breast milk.

Hands down the most hassle free way of storing breast milk is breast milk storage bags.